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Fire Services

Fire Safety Legislation

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 (RRO) is the most important piece of legislation that businesses need to comply with. It applies to England and Wales and requires business owners to:

  • ensure premises reach the required fire safety standards
  • ensure all employees complete adequate fire safety training

Essentially, the RRO requires that all reasonable steps have been taken to reduce the risk of fire, and that people are able to escape safely should a fire occur.

The RRO applies to almost all commercial premises, and some type of domestic premises – for example the communal areas in blocks of flats.

Premises types include: commercial businesses, shops, offices, care facilities, factories, warehouses, community halls, schools, pubs, restaurants, hostels, hotels, and the common areas of multi-family housing units.

Why Fire Plus Security

As a BAFE registered company, we are qualified to handle your fire safety needs from design through to installation and ongoing maintenance. BAFE is an independent, third party certification organisation for the fire safety industry. BAFE conducts regular audits on our work to ensure we meet the minimum standards required for their accreditation. These audits are professional and highly detailed, ensuring only those who meet their strict criteria remain accredited by BAFE.

You can be assured that our BAFE accreditation, along with over 30 years’ experience in the fire industry, we are confident that we can produce the right fire safety solution for any situation.

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Fire Alarms

Fire alarm call point

Fire alarms are the main aspect of your fire safety protection strategy for your business. It is essential to have it designed, installed, commissioned and maintained by a 3rd party accredited company such as BAFE.


Gas Suppression Systems

Gas fire suppression

In areas where a Sprinkler System could be damaging to the contents of a room, Gas Suppression Systems can eliminate a fire with no damage to electrical equipment.


Sprinkler Systems

Fire sprinklers

With a risk of pipes freezing in certain conditions, it is vitally important to install the right Sprinkler System suited for the conditions of your property. Otherwise, your Sprinkler System may fail when it’s needed most.


Water Mist Systems

Watermist fire suppression

High pressure Water Mist Systems are an effective fire protection system which helps to minimise water damage to property in the event of a fire. They are easily retrofitted to most properties making them a better choice in many locations.


Emergency Lighting

Emergency lighting signage

In the event of an emergency and the loss of lighting, emergency lighting plays a crucial role in the assistance of an evacuation from any property. By lighting escape routes, occupants are more easily able to find the quickest and safest exit from a building.


Fire Extinguishers

Foam fire extinguishers

Installing the right type of Fire Extinguishers is important when assessing the risk to any property. With five main types of extinguisher and six different classes of fire types, matching the correct extinguisher to the fire is crucial. Using the wrong type of Fire Extinguisher may make a fire worse.


Fire Safety Training

Fire extinguisher training

It is a legal requirement of the RRO that your employees are safe in their place of work from the risk of fire. Ensuring they know what to do in the event of a fire is fundamental to fulfilling these requirements.


Fire Risk Assessments

Fire risk assessment

It is the role of the “Responsible Person” looking after property to ensure that a Fire Risk Assessment is completed and revised on a regular basis. It’s also vitally important to ensure any non-conformities with fire safety legislation identified in the fire risk assessment are rectified.


Ansul Suppression Systems

Ansul R-102 kitchen fire suppression

With commercial kitchens being at high risk of starting a fire, an Ansul Suppression System will provide an immediate response to the start of any fire where it is installed.


Dry & Wet Risers

Dry riser inlet

Both Dry & Wet Risers provide important access for the Fire Services to get water to the source of a fire in a high rise property. The height of a building will determine whether a dry or wet riser is required. Regular maintenance is also a legal requirement.










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We are proud to deliver tailored fire and security solutions across the UK.