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As a BAFE registered and accredited company, we are not only fully qualified to design, install, commission and maintain your Fire Alarm System, but with over 30 years of experience, we have the knowledge of how to take care of your entire Fire Alarm System for you. Click here.

Our accreditation means that we install all of our Fire Alarm Systems to meet the recommendations of SP203-1, a BAFE standard.

Having worked with a vast range of commercial and residential clients, we know how to ensure that your property is protected, no matter its purpose.

Furthermore, with different laws and legislation applicable to different types of property, it is crucial that you use a business that is 3rd party accredited to ensure that they are compliant and literate with the most up to date legislation.


This is the Code of Practice and British Standard for the Design, Installation, Commissioning and Maintenance of Fire Detection and Alarm Systems for Buildings.

This applies to the majority of commercial properties and the communal areas of residential living buildings and therefore it is a legal requirement for the “responsible person” looking after the building to ensure their fire alarm system meets this standard.


This is the Code of Practice and British Standard for the Design, Installation, and Maintenance of Fire Detection and Alarm Systems in Dwellings.

This applies to the dwellings associated with properties such as HMOs and high rise properties. In buildings such as these, if communal areas are present, it could be that you require a Fire Alarm System designed to meet the needs of both British Standards.

Highly experienced engineers

Our team of engineers is not only experienced in installing both building and dwelling systems but also wired and wireless systems.

With benefits to both kinds of systems, ensuring you get your system designed by a 3rd party accredited company is important to make sure you get a system designed for the purpose of the property and in the most practical way. For instance, in a listed property, a wireless system would remove the need to damage walls and ceilings for the cabling of the Fire Alarm System.

We are proud to deliver tailored fire and security solutions across the UK.