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Sprinkler Systems are one of the most commonly implemented Fire Protections Systems now used and can be integrated with most Fire Alarm Systems.

They are used to try to eliminate a fire as soon as it is detected and often produce less damage than the Fire Services would due to the reduced volume of water required due to the earlier intervention.

Ensuring you have the right Sprinkler System for your property and it is regularly maintained will help towards having a comprehensive Fire Protection System for your property. Regular checks of the system should be performed in addition to the scheduled maintenance. Whilst the systems themselves are complex and can require a lot of maintenance, there are 3 fundamental types of Sprinkler Systems that can be used within your property.

Fire Sprinkler Installation

  • Dry Sprinkler Systems – Most commonly used in buildings where there is a chance of the pipework freezing and are filled with an inert gas. in the vent of a fire being detected, the pressure within the pipework drops and the pipe will fill with water allowing the sprinklers to be activated.
  • Wet Sprinkler Systems – These are used in buildings where there is no risk of the pipework freezing and are constantly filled with highly pressurised water and will discharge as soon as a fire is detected.
  • Pre-action Sprinkler Systems – These are used where accidental triggering will cause significant damage, for instance, server rooms or libraries. These systems require a combination of triggers to occur for the system to be activated and like Dry Sprinkler Systems, contain no water within them until activated.

Choosing the right system and maintaining it is crucial. At Fire Plus Security we recommend and follow the British Standards for Sprinkler System maintenance (BS EN 12845: 2015) with annual or 6 monthly maintenance on your Sprinkler System and flow switches. Contact us for more information.

Ensuring your system is regularly maintained will not only ensure it is working but also reduce the likelihood of any damage from poorly maintained pipework within the building.

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