Our Maintenance Packages

We offer a variety of different maintenance packages to tailor our service to your requirements. Ranging in cost and frequency, our maintenance packages will ensure you are always meeting best practices and ensuring you are protected.

With this being the case, all of our packages as standard cover the minimum requirements for servicing and maintenance as set out by 3rd party accreditors such as BAFE and SSAIB.

In addition to the servicing of your system (as covered in our Basic package), our Standard and Standard + packages will provide you with 24/7 monitoring of your systems ensuring that whether you are at your property or not, it is always protected! With our 24/7 monitoring, in the event of an emergency, you or any of your designated key holders will be called by our Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) to alert you to the emergency; an insurance requirement for some properties.

Along with our maintenance plans, we can agree set call out rates for in hours, out of hours and telephone fixes for your system so you are aware of all of our pricing from the very beginning. Or, with our Standard + package, your first call out for any issue will be free of charge and included in the price of your maintenance package.

With this call out we will be able to then either fix your system or provide you with a quote for the remedial works required. This ensures that no matter the time of day, we will be on call to attend your site, free of charge.

See what is covered by each of our maintenance packages below. Pricing is dependent on your site size and the number of assets to be maintained.


CCTV servicing

As per the number of maintenance visits recommended by our third-party accreditors, BAFE & SSAIB, we will visit your site to perform maintenance on your system and ensure it is still working as intended. We will create a report for your maintenance outlining the work performed and any actions required, accessible through our CRM portal.


Fire Detector Testing

All of your systems, where applicable, will be monitored 24/7 by our dedicated Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC). After receiving the required paperwork from you, the customer, we will set up your desired key holders and ensure that you are comfortable with what to do in the event of being contacted by our ARC. This ensures that your property is constantly monitored and will even inform you if there is a fault in the systems protecting your property.


Our “Basic” package

Standard +

Fire Alarm Panel

In the event of you, ever requiring our services outside of your normal maintenance’s, your first call out for any issue will be included in your maintenance package price. This ensures that if anything was to ever go wrong with your system, not only will you be contacted by our ARC, but we will also attend to resolve the issue, free of charge. If the fault requires further attention, we can then produce a quote for you to rectify your issue.


Our “Standard” package

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Unique Maintenance Benefits

Maintaining compliance whilst reducing your costs

Fire Plus Security manages and maintain all of your security and fire safety systems. Your costs are consolidated and keep you compliant. We mitigate the number of invoices and the amount of paperwork you have to address which promotes huge internal savings for you.

By only having to deal with one invoice and one system, the headache of managing several companies, invoices and engineer dockets is relieved.

Giving you a complete real-time overview of your investments in one place

Managing multiple sites and systems can be daunting, time-consuming tasks. That’s why we issue our Fire Plus Security portal. This system allows you to review past, current and future projects, as well as invoices and comprehensive asset registers of your sites.

The system takes account of all engineer visits, tracks and graphs the works and associated costs, so you can identify trends in our performance and your systems. Your individual login allows you to access all of this information in one place, saving you time from trying to track down engineer dockets from sites and the service company.

Compliance made easier

If remedial works cannot be carried out on site, we will issue a Correctives Report. This is carried out by our dedicated Correctives Works team who will categorise the works Non-Compliant Urgent, Non-Compliant or it may simply be a Recommendation. This helps you prioritise works into your budget and timetable.

Mitigating non-compliance and downtime

Fire Plus Security is focused on ensuring that each system is working to a safe, compliant standard. Our target for average turnaround time for non-compliance corrective works is 5 days.

We understand how fundamental it is to you to ensure that your order is not forgotten, lost, or put to the back of the queue which is why we closely monitor this important metric. All works orders and associated activity is recorded in real-time allowing for ongoing management and progress of each individual order.

Trusting us to bring your system up to standard in one easy visit

Our engineers are targeted and monitored on their ability to fix a fault on the first visit. This guarantees that your problem is fixed as quickly and as economically as possible. Our current first-time fix rate is 85%. Should a fault, non-compliance or additional works be discovered while on-site, our engineers can quote and fit parts during the same appointment!

Our flexible and eager dedication saves you time and money from having to arrange repeat site visits. Our Fire Plus Portal stock control software enables our engineers to carry and monitor most spares making our first-time fix rate exceptional.

Reliable and Dedicated

Our multi-skilled engineers save you time and money by taking care of all your fire safety and security services in one easy visit. This reduces your costs and your time in dealing with several different companies.

By unifying all your services with us, you can be sure you are ‘better protected’ as our engineers are trained monthly to a high-quality standard. You can rest comfortably knowing that our expert team has you covered.

We are proud to deliver tailored fire and security solutions across the UK.