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At Fire Plus Security we pride ourselves on providing comprehensive solutions to any Fire and Security needs. With office locations across the UK and a team of experienced engineers and designers ready to help. We are one of the few companies able to provide a one-stop solution for all of your requirements, ensuring that you are Better Protected!


As a BAFE accredited company, we are able to provide you with a complete fire safety solution all the way from design through to installation, commissioning, and maintenance.

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With a variety of different security products available, ensuring you use the right ones for your specific needs and use a professional company to install them is key! As an SSAIB registered company, we are trained to deal with any security issues.

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Having the right fire, security or access control system in place is one step. But ensuring it is regularly maintained is the only way to make sure that your system is working effectively when you need it.

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Alarm system

Innovation is Our Middle Name

By using our bespoke CRM system, we are able to keep track of all asset records and testings without the need for paper dockets that are easily lost. Additionally, by providing you access to these through our customer portal, you can access your premises data whenever you need it.

Furthermore, as part of our extensive Corporate Social Responsibility and Ethical Programme, we are proud to have signed the Armed Forces Covenant and are looking forward to adding many new projects within our Community Interest Company.

About Us

Unbelievable Results

Real-time Updates

Using industry-leading IT services enables us to give you, the customer, real-time updates of all call outs and installations leading to billing, invoicing and certification. We pride ourselves on the quality of our work and the customer service we provide, always delivering on time and with minimum disruption to your infrastructure.

Bespoke Requirements

Having worked extensively with Housing Associations, Football Clubs and Building Contractors, we are used to designing and implementing bespoke solutions to a variety of different disciplines including Fire Alarm Installations, Compartmentation, and CCTV Systems.

Extensive Network of Delivery Partners

Our adaptability means we can expand our core service delivery allowing our clients the flexibility to increase or decrease their service requirements as necessary. With the help of our extensive network of delivery partners, we can meet the additional needs of any services that may be sought after.

We are proud to deliver tailored fire and security solutions across the UK.