Fire Extinguishers

Full installation, maintenance & inspection

The type, number, and location of Fire Extinguishers required for your site should be decided by a Fire Risk Assessment. Should the layout or purpose of a building change, then the Fire Extinguisher configuration for your premises could change as well.

There are 6 types of fire in which a fire extinguisher can be used:

  • Class A fires – are fires involving organic solids like paper, wood, etc
  • Class B fires – are fires involving flammable liquids
  • Class C fires – are fires involving flammable gasses
  • Class D fires – are fires involving burning metals (eg aluminum swarf)
  • Class F fires – are fires involving fats such as used in deep fat fryers
  • Electrical fires – are fires caused by electrical equipment

Fire extinguisher installation and servicing in London

Ensuring you have the right fire extinguishers for the potential class fire is crucial. Fire Extinguishers are colour coded so users can determine what type they are so the right one can be used in an emergency. Additionally, signage should be placed above all Fire Extinguishers to help identify them and their applications.

As Fire Extinguishers are part of any Active Fire Protection (AFP) System, they must be regularly maintained and serviced to ensure they will work if the Passive Fire Protection (PFP) System fails. Find out more.

At Fire Plus Security, we are able to assess the needs of your building for Fire Extinguishers to ensure that your configuration is correct, as well as performing yearly maintenance on all of your Fire Extinguishers.

By logging all of your Fire Extinguishers on our own CRM and giving you access through our Customer Portal, you will be able to see when your Fire Extinguishers are due for their next service, the test results from their previous service and if any have been condemned leading to a quote for a replacement.

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