Fire Risk Assessments

Are you regulation compliant?

With a team of qualified Fire Risk Assessors, we are able to organise a suitable date, convenient for you, to conduct a Fire Risk Assessment (FRA) of your premises, a legal requirement of many insurance policies.

All our assessments are written in accordance with PAS79 (The standard for documenting the findings of fire risk assessments) and provide you with detailed recommendations in writing to ensure you have the information required to form a required fire safety action plan and comply with the RRO (Fire Safety) Order.

By using a PAS79 structured FRA, we ensure that all elements of Fire Risk are covered and the findings are reported in a simplistic way with clear conclusions and recommendations. Our FRA uses the simple steps from PAS79 to ensure that you are protected. Contact us for more information.

How our risk assessments work

  1. Obtain all information and data about the building, including the processes carried out in the structure as well as people either present or likely to be
  2. Identify both the fire hazards but also the means for their control or elimination
  3. Assess the likelihood of any fire
  4. Determine any fire protection measures present
  5. Obtain related information regarding the current fire safety management
  6. Assess the most likely repercussions to individuals if a fire happens
  7. Assess the overall fire risk
  8. Formulate and document an action plan
  9. Set a defined date by which the FRA should be reviewed

We are proud to deliver tailored fire and security solutions across the UK.