Water Mist Systems

Water Mist Fire Suppression

Water Mist Systems can be used in areas where Sprinkler Systems may not be appropriate or will be too damaging for the environment they are to be situated in. Unlike Sprinkler Systems, Water Mist Systems can easily be retrofitted to a property and therefore are a better option for upgrading a buildings Fire Protection Systems.

Using a very fine water spray, the system can suppress or extinguish a fire by cooling the fire and dissipating the oxygen whilst using less water and causing less damage than a traditional Sprinkler System.

The effectiveness of the system will depend on the spray characteristics and the environment it is implemented within. Research shows that compared to Gas Suppression Systems, Water Mist Systems can reduce water damage whilst be as effective and non-toxic.

There are 2 types of Water Mist System available

  • Low-Pressure Water Mist Systems provide a fast and focused response to a fire whilst being less aggressive in their delivery. This type of system can, therefore, be more applicable to areas of vulnerable people such as hospitals where a High-Pressure system could be traumatic.
  • High-Pressure Water Mist Systems, however, are more powerful and aggressive in their delivery and therefore can contain a fire to its origin by getting to the seat of the fire whilst only using approximately 10% of the water required by a conventional Sprinkler System.

We can design and install Water Mist Systems

At Fire Plus Security, we can assess your property and its specific needs to recommend, design and install the necessary Water Mist System. Furthermore, with our team of experienced engineers, we can retro-fit these systems into your property. Call 020 8405 6308 for more information.

With experience in working within listed and historic buildings, we know not only how to install and maintain these systems, but how to implement them in these high-risk premises.

We are proud to deliver tailored fire and security solutions across the UK.