Ansul Suppression Systems

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Ansul Suppression Systems are commonplace in many commercial kitchens due to their ability to extinguish and stop the re-flash of fires. Kitchen fires spread rapidly and can consume a whole kitchen within seconds because of the intense heat and products within the kitchen. Furthermore, the vapors within kitchens, such as oils and gases, often can reignite if not treated.

How does an Ansul Suppression System work?

An Ansul Suppression System places nozels usually over the high-risk area alongside detectors to effectively release the Ansulex liquid capable of eliminating a fire.

When a fire is detected, the Ansul Suppression System not only releases the Ansulex but also shuts off the gas to the kitchen, helping to eliminate the potential fuel source. Additionally, the liquid turns into a foam blanket to smother the source of the fire and eliminate the flammable vapors which could reignite and cause re-flash.

The Ansulex liquid is also low in pH meaning it causes little damage to the expensive kitchen equipment.

We maintain your suppression system

Due to the high-risk nature of commercial kitchens, regular maintenance of an Ansul Suppression System is required. Click here.

At fire Plus Security, we recommend following not only the British Standard but Ansul’s recommendations by having your system serviced every 6 months. We are not only able to install your system to meet the standard (EN16282-7) but also are available for call out 24/7 as part of our maintenance contract to ensure you are protected at all times.

We are proud to deliver tailored fire and security solutions across the UK.