Gas Suppression Systems

Design, Installation & Service‎ of Gas Suppression Systems

With the continual running of high-risk areas such as building plant and server rooms often being business critical, it is essential to ensure that these areas are protected. Furthermore, due to the sensitive nature of these areas, such as containing large amounts of IT or electrical equipment, traditional Fire Suppression Systems, such as sprinklers, are not appropriate.

Gas Suppression Systems work by controlling an environment within a sealed room, like a server room, and are automatically triggered by a stimulus such as a temperature or smoke.

Inert Gas Suppression Systems are a commonly used gas Suppression System and work by reducing the oxygen content within the sealed environment to below 15% if triggered. Whilst oxygen content at this level is still high enough for life, it is too low for the combustion of most materials and thus, removing a crucial element of the fire triangle, oxygen, and eliminating the fire.

Whilst Inert Gas Suppression Systems work by removing the oxygen element of the fire trialing from a room, Clean Chemical Gas Suppression Systems work by removing the heat. Contact us for more information.

Replacing halon systems

Replacing Halon Systems, Clean Chemical Gas Suppression Systems use clean chemical agents and are safe to use in plant and server rooms. With the clean chemicals released by the system absorbing the heat within the room, a fire cannot start.

Both Gas Suppression Systems do not only rely on the gases they release but also that the room that the system is present within is sealed and constant. To ensure that the Gas Suppression System will work when required, a room integrity test should be performed on the room annually, calculating the amount of gas that escapes from the protected area.

If the amount that escapes is higher than the standards recommend, a fire may not be extinguished if it were to start within the room. Therefore maintenance of a Gas Suppression System and performing regular room integrity tests are essential to the operation of your system.

We can design, install and maintain gas systems

Fire Plus Security can not only design, install and maintain your Gas Suppression System, but we can integrate it with your properties current Fire System ensuring that your whole buildings and the varying areas within your building are all protected.

With our CRM software and Customer Portal, you will be able to see when your system is coming up to its maintenance and ensure that you are compliant with the British Standards.

We are proud to deliver tailored fire and security solutions across the UK.