Fire Doors

Fire Doors

As part of the Passive Fire Protection (PFP) System, Fire Doors and their integrity are critical to reducing the spread of fire and smoke in an emergency situation.

Standard or made to measure fire doors

Fire Doors comprise part of the Passive Fire Protection (PFP) System of any building, with their primary purpose to slow the spread of fire from one compartment (area) to another and therefore giving people the opportunity to escape from the building safely.

In addition to slowing the spread of fire, Fire Doors secondary function are to limit the flow of smoke throughout a building.

Fire Door
Fire Door

Types of fire doors

Dependent on a Fire Doors location and other purposes will depend on the type of fire door required. This could either be a normal Fire Door, an Emergency Fire Exit Door or Emergency Panic Fire Exit Door.

A properly installed and maintained Fire Door should perform both its role in the event of a fire but also that of a normal door. It is this function however that often leads to a Fire Door not performing correctly and therefore, maintaining these doors is crucial.

With high traffic areas, fire door components such as intumescent and smoke seals, door hinges and self-closers often fail or are damaged from the consistent use and therefore require immediate attention.

Installation, inspection, and maintenance of fire doors

At Fire Plus Security, we can inspect all of your properties fire doors to ensure they meet the required regulations and will act correctly in the event of a fire.

British Standards recommend that an inspection of all Fire Doors should be performed at least every 6 months (more regularly for buildings such as hotels) and we are able to perform these inspections for you, comprising a report on the condition of each of your Fire Doors and any remedial actions that need to be undertaken.

With our team of qualified Fire Door and carpentry specialists, we will be able to perform all of these remedial works for you. Contact us for more information.

We are proud to deliver tailored fire and security solutions across the UK.