Intruder Alarms

Intruder alarms

Reliable and reputable intruder alarms in London

When protecting your property, having a fully operational Intruder Alarm System is essential. We can design and install an Intruder Alarm System tailored to your needs and with our maintenance plans we can monitor your system meaning if your property was every to have any unauthorised access, you are the first to know!

Whilst all of your premises doors may lead to the same area, they may all be used at different times or require different alarm settings.

Sophisticated, modern alarm systems‎

With our Intruder Alarm System, we can create different circuit attributes allowing the premises alarm to be modified to your needs.

Each attribute has features that can program the circuit to operate in differing ways as explained below.

  • Normal Alarm – Circuit will generate an alarm when activated once the system is set
  • 24 Hour – Circuit will generate an alarm if activated at any point regardless of the system being set or not.
  • Final Exit – Circuit is used on the final exit or first entry point and will start the system into an entry countdown.
  • Entry Route – Once a countdown has been started by opening a final exit, circuits programmed as entry route will not trigger an alarm until the countdown has run out but will activate if no countdown has started.
  • Panic Alarm – Circuit will trigger full alarm regardless of whether the system is set or unset.

Choose from wired or wireless systems

With a choice of both wired and wireless alarms, we can create a system to fit all shapes and sizes of property. As an insurance requirement as well on many business premises, our Intruder Alarm System will protect your assets and can be installed to the grade requirements set out by your insurance provider.

We are proud to deliver tailored fire and security solutions across the UK.