CCTV Systems

Number one for CCTV installation

As members of the SSAIB, we install our CCTV systems in accordance with the recommendations of their code of practice ensuring that you have a system that is installed to the right regulations.

Furthermore, we don’t believe in locking you out of your own equipment and therefore all of the systems which we install are fully open protocol, meaning that our equipment is open to the entire market and can be maintained by any qualified engineer.

We design, install and maintain your CCTV systems

We are qualified to design, install, commission and maintain a CCTV system for your specific needs and can produce a system capable of monitoring any situation and property 24/7.

It is essential when choosing your system to know what you are looking to achieve from it. With a specific threshold needing to be met to convict a thief, using the right cameras and system as well as camera placement are crucial in protecting your property.

We design our systems with the cameras chosen to achieve an object target size as explained below meaning we can tailor your system to your requirements.

  • For Identification: not less than 120% of the screen height
  • For Recognition: not less than 50% of the screen height
  • For Detection: not less than 10% of the screen height
  • For Crowd Control (Monitoring): not less than 5% of the screen height

Additionally, with our engineers able to help set you and your business up through mobile applications available with our equipment, you will be able to monitor your CCTV System from anywhere in the world as well as have access to the pre-recorded footage.

We are proud to deliver tailored fire and security solutions across the UK.