Are all Fire Extinguishers the same?

Using the right fire extinguisher in the event of a fire is critical. Using the wrong one could be deadly.

Fires are categorised in 6 different types and the type of fire will affect which fire extinguisher can be used. Fire extinguishers are colour coded to help ensure the right one as selected by a user in the event of a fire, but the right ones need to be available.

  • Class A fires – are fires involving organic solids like paper, wood, etc
  • Class B fires – are fires involving flammable liquids
  • Class C fires – are fires involving flammable gasses
  • Class D fires – are fires involving burning metals (eg aluminium swarf)
  • Class F fires – are fires involving fats such as used in deep fat fryers
  • Electrical fires – are fires caused by electrical equipment

At Fire Plus Security, we help advise you on the type, number and location of all fire extinguishers using the advice and guidance of our Fire Risk Assessors. They will assess the risk of not only a fire but the type of fire in any given location, helping to decide which extinguishers should be present.

However, like any part of a properties Active Fire Protection (AFP) System, fire extinguishers must be regularly and expertly maintained. As a BAFE SP101 registered company, we are 3rd part accredited to perform your annual fire extinguisher maintenance to the highest standard meaning you can be assured that your fire extinguishers will always work when needed.

Additionally, with access to our CRM Customer Portal, you can see at any time all of the fire extinguishers within your property and their current service status.

To find out more information on fire extinguishers, why not watch the video below, or contact us now for further information on our fire extinguisher installation and maintenance options.


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